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Black Out or Dim Out – Which works for you?

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Blackout Blinds _ One of Many Types of Blind that can be Blackout

Choosing styles and colours for your blinds is one thing but how do you know if your space is suited to blackout or dimout blinds?

What are Blackout Blinds?

Black-out blinds work to block out the majority of light to keep your room dark. 

Fashioned from a thicker material or with a lining applied to the back of the fabric, they are perfect for the bedroom of the sensitive snoozer. 

Available in a variety of bright and light colours to disguise their role, these blinds won’t forfeit aesthetics for function.

Common Uses for Blackout Blinds

The sun and other forms of light are not only inconvenient when trying to sleep but can affect our work, particularly when working with screens. 

This makes the blackout blind well suited for the home office and even the lounge so that the TV can remain fully visible at all times of the day.

For patio and bi-fold doors that let in a vast amount of sunlight, blackout blinds will protect furniture too. The sun is the main culprit for fading textiles. 

Blackout blinds are also noted for their noise minimising properties. If your windows and doors are close to busy roads, you can expect a decent reduction in traffic noise.

What are Dimout Blinds?

Dimout fabrics come in a range of densities which allow the fabric to block out the sun’s rays to varying degrees.

Made from a thinner construction, these energy-saving blinds are great for blocking out the direct sun without darkening the room completely. 

Common Uses for Dimout Blinds

If you value privacy but want to enjoy some natural light, dim-out blinds are great for daytime light management.

They are suited to kitchens and other well-frequented areas. Providing protection from harmful rays whilst allowing natural light to flow into rooms. Perfect for working and lounging. 

Dim-out blinds feature a resilience that withstands moisture too, so they are well suited to bathrooms.

For further advice and bespoke requirements, we are always happy to stop by with samples for you to try. To arrange this please get in touch.

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