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Shaped shutters in the bedroom

Moving to a new house can be an extremely stressful time, both emotionally and physically. The large legal fees, the uprooting of the entire family and not to mention the added pressure of selling your current property at the same time – it can be overwhelming. It’s been said that a lot of British homeowners look to move properties in a bid to improve and upgrade, but with external factors such as the uncertainty of Brexit, more and more homeowners are deciding to stay put and look to home improvements instead of moving.

In recent years, shutters have been an increasingly popular option for this. They are an ideal way to rejuvenate your home from both the interior and exterior, at a fraction of the price of moving – with zero stress!

More often than not, shutters can be overlooked as a ‘luxury’ added benefit to your home, but shutters are a long-term investment piece. The highly attractive window treatment can transform your entire home. Just one great benefit of installing shutters into your home is that they suit every room. Whether you’re looking to renovate a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or conservatory – shutters have the ability to fit in and dress up any room or building. You can also choose different shades and fabric options to go in line with your desired interior. 

Another advantage of installing shutters to your home is that they help to preserve your rooms too. Carpets, painted walls and furniture can be tarnished with the effect of sunlight, but shutters allow you to direct this away from your belongings to ensure nothing is damaged. By keeping your furniture in the shade, it will enhance its durability – and shutters can help you do this. 

Here at Homestyle, we offer a vast range of made-to-measure shutters in an array of colours, shades and styles to suit your home and budget. We offer the complete service, from help and advice when selecting the perfect shutters for your home, right through to the final installation. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are happy to discuss your wants and needs, at a time that is best for you. Contact us today on 01303 268820 or email for more information. 

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