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Picking the Perfect Blinds or Shutters to Suit Your Home

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Patterned blinds in the living room

Blinds and shutters suit any room and provide many benefits. Often, people think about the functionality of a window solution first, and the design later, but choosing the best design, colour and style is a crucial part of the purchasing process. Here at Homestyle, we understand the importance of both practicality and aesthetics without the compromise, and to help you out during the decision-making process, we’ve given you some tips on how to pick the perfect blinds or shutters for your home.

Neutral tones

If you’re looking to create a fresh and open space in your room, then neutral coloured blinds or shutters will work for you. Whites, creams and beige colours help more light enter the room, creating a naturally bright area. Often, neutral tones work well in bathrooms and kitchens to produce a clean and contemporary style. Smart, simple and stylish!

Feature colours

Don’t be afraid to consider brighter colours when choosing a window covering. In any living space, choosing a stand-out item to match the vibe of the interior is important when looking to create a unique style. If you’re working with a neutral room, try adding a pop of colour with some modern red blinds to achieve a distinctive look.

Bold prints

Bold prints are extremely popular at the moment, with many homeowners looking to liven up their décor with some energetic designs. Many people may think this should be done with patterned lamps or cushions but why not do it with your blinds? Printed roller blinds give you the opportunity to customise every room in your house and can work perfectly to fit a theme of a nursery or children’s bedroom. 

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