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The Benefits of Installing Interior Shutters

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Tier on tier shutters in the kitchen

When choosing how to dress your windows, it’s not uncommon to instinctively look to blinds and curtains as the answer. However, window shutters have many practical and aesthetic benefits, but are often overlooked as a window solution. With this being said, in recent years shutters have increased in popularity, with more and more individuals purchasing them as a long-term solution for their property. So why install shutters into your property? 

Enhanced privacy

These days so many properties are surrounded by other buildings. This can make achieving privacy in your home more difficult. Shutters allow you to adjust as you please, so you can still let the natural sunlight in without making it easy for passers-by to see into your property. Compared to curtains, shutters allow you to ventilate your room without forsaking your privacy and security.


If you’re looking for insulation in your home, then shutters are the answer. When wooden shutters are closed, they provide both sound and heat insulation. However, this does not mean you can’t have one without the other – in the hotter weather, you can keep your shutter panels closed but the windows open. This allows cool air to pass through whilst keeping the sunlight out of the room.

Aesthetically pleasing

Shutters are an attractive and modern alternative to the classic blinds and curtain combination and work perfectly in kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. Not only are they low maintenance to keep clean, but they also stay looking fresh and can be easily painted to achieve different styles over the years.

Child and pet-friendly 

Unlike other blinds and curtains, shutters do not require pull cords. They are pull cord free which prevents children or furry-friends playing with the cord – avoiding any risks of accidents happening, as well as averting damage to your shutters. 


Shutters can be considered a luxury item in terms of design, quality and expense.  In the long-term, they can help reduce your property expenditure in many ways, because as mentioned, the insulation aspect helps reduce energy bills. Furthermore, here at Homestyle, we’ve known shutters to add extra financial value to homes when it comes to selling the property.

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