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Top Tips for Giving Your Blinds and Shutters a Spring Clean This Easter

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Wood Venetian blinds in the bedroom

It’s likely that your blinds or shutters are a centrepiece in your home, and you like to keep them looking both fresh and presentable. However, it is not uncommon for them to naturally collect dust or dirt. With the Easter weekend fast approaching, why not make the most of the break and give your blinds and shutters a spring clean? Cleaning them correctly is key to ensuring they stay looking immaculate – but cleaning styles can vary for different types of blinds or shutters. Here at Homestyle, we’ve compiled some cleaning top tips to ensure your blinds and shutters stay in great condition – all year round!

Wooden blinds and shutters

Wooden blinds require frequent cleaning to prevent a build-up of dust or dirt. Dusters or microfibre cloths are the go-to cleaning methods for this. Open the blinds/shutters fully and using a hand-duster or microfibre cloth, clean between each of the slats until dust free – finish the job by shutting the blinds or shutters and dusting in a downward motion. Avoid using water-based cleaning products on wooden products as this can cause expansion or warping.

Metal blinds and shutters

When looking to clean your metal blinds or shutters, you should check for any marks or stains first and remove these gently using a mild antibacterial spray and cloth. Then using a new, dry cloth, wipe over the blinds until dry and then go over the slats again, with a stick duster to remove any residue. 

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are very easy to keep clean and can be maintained by wiping down with a damp cloth regularly. If you have some tough stains or marks on the blinds, try adding a small amount of fabric stain remover or an antibacterial spray to your cloth, and massaging it in to the blind.

Roller blinds

As a practical choice, roller blinds are often used in kitchens – which means they can often get accidentally splattered when cooking. The benefit of a roller blind is that this can be easily rectified. Simply roll the blind down fully and using a damp cloth, wipe the blind downwards until the stain is removed. Use a small bit of fabric stain removal product if needed. Be sure to wipe down the entire blind during this process and not just the stained area to avoid lighter patches appearing.

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