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How Shutters Can Lower Your Energy Bill

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How Shutters Can Lower Your Energy Bill

With the cold weather progressing, you will want to start turning up the heating and snuggling up at home whenever possible. These actions will also cause your energy bills to soar! In the UK we are subject to cold weather until spring, even summer some years, so it is worth considering other options when it comes to keeping your house warm. Shutters are the ideal long-lasting solution, as they come with benefits such as light control and heat loss reduction. Homestyle Shutters and Blinds explore how shutters can help to keep you warm in the winter months whilst lowering your energy bill…. 

How do you lose heat in your home? And how do shutters help to insulate your home?

Heat loss occurs when there are air leaks and cracks around the foundation of a home, alongside the most common cause of draughts. With over 40% of heat leaving the home through doors and windows, shutters are the perfect solution to help lessen heat loss. 
Shutters can be used as a barrier against cold air and draughts and are said to reduce heat loss up to 50%.  The structure of interior shutters helps to prevent heat from escaping through windows in the winter and stops warm outside air from getting inside in the summer. Shutters work well for all seasons, as they keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

How to use shutters to their full advantage 

When it comes to how you use your shutters; preferences will vary accordingly. However, in order to get the most out of them, keep them open for as long as possible in the mornings during the winter months to help make the most of the natural heat from the sun. Closing them as soon as the sun sets will also help to keep the heat inside your home.

How shutters will provide other benefits to your home 

Not only do shutters look great and help to reduce your energy bills, the wooden panels also offer good sound insulation. The other benefit is the added privacy as they restrict people from seeing inside your home. Shutters with louvres can be angled to control how much light gets into your home which prevents the sunlight from fading the furniture, soft furnishings and flooring, whilst keeping the room at a comfortable temperature. 

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