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How Do Shutters Add Financial Value When Selling Your Property?

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In recent months, the property and UK housing market has been shaken by the uncertainty of Brexit, and there are concerns that this will cause negative effects on future property sales. This can be overwhelming and add extra pressure on homeowners looking to sell – both mentally and financially.  With this in mind, more and more homeowners are looking to home improvements in order to boost the financial value of their property.

Finding what makes your house more marketable is key to breaking through the market and your property needs to have something to stand out against the other properties for sale. So, what can you do to win over the hearts of viewers? Installing interior shutters of course… 

Shutters have many benefits when installed into a property – both practically and aesthetically. We take a look at how they can add financial value to your property, when installed for the selling process. 

Visually pleasing

First impressions are everything and with only around one hour to view a property, it needs to have the wow-factor. Shutters can add character to any property and can be installed in any room of the home, with the ability to revamp any room. Whether you’re working with a modern or traditional interior, shutters come in many different shades and fabric options to ensure they fit in with your property perfectly. 

If you decide on wooden shutters, they can be easily customised to suit the aesthetics of the property. So, if the next homeowner has different tastes, they can easily paint over the wooden shutters to fit with their style too – this could be a big selling point for any potential buyer. 

Preserves interiors

Selling a house is not a quick process and can sometimes take over a year to finalise. So, if you’ve re-touched your walls or laid new carpets before putting your house on the market, it’s likely you want to keep them in perfect condition until it’s time to move. Shutters keep the direct sunlight out of your rooms and give you the ability to adjust the blinds as the sun moves around. This protects your interior from being damaged or discoloured by the sunlight, keeping all furnishings in pristine condition. 

Reduced energy bills

Shutters are often looked at as an expensive luxury, but this is not the case. Shutters are an investment piece and can reduce monthly bills significantly. Shutters add a weighty layer of insulation to your home, helping keep heat in your home during the winter months and keeping it cool in the summer. This essentially helps reduce your energy bills by reducing the heat consumption of the home and making your property more energy efficient. 

Here at Homestyle Blinds and Shutters in Kent, we have a large range of made to measure shutters and strive to suit all of our customers’ budgets. Whether you’re looking for wooden shutters, plantation or solid shutters, we have designs and materials to flatter any room.

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